Taxation is a highly complex issue and always changing. Marc Three Accountants provides services specifically for private individuals and companies designed to ensure compliance with the prevailing regulations whilst identifying all possible opportunities for making savings.

As taxation advisors we take a practical and long sighted approach, planning well in advance to maximise benefit and minimise risk wherever possible. Compliance is just the first step, we challenge prevailing tax wisdom constantly, seeking innovative solutions to the most complex tax problems. We have become an essential asset for our clients who trust us to uncover all the angles in the pursuance of their personal or business objectives.

Personal Tax

If you are self-employed, a company director, or a landlord, receiving untaxed income, part of a partnership or a beneficiary of a Trust, you will  need to submit an annual tax  return to the Inland Revenue. Tax return season is often seen as a huge burden to many requiring hours of painstaking preparation but it needn’t be that difficult.

Marc Three’s personal taxation team are here to support you, to simplify the process, and identify an accurate tax position so you can plan safely and effectively. We will help you prepare well in advance to ensure you do not suffer any unnecessary penalty charges and our thorough approach means we will identify every opportunity to make savings.

Corporate Tax

All UK resident companies are liable to corporation tax on their profits or other commercial gains. Whilst the legislation on corporation tax is always subject to administrative change the basic requirement to prepare for tax remains constant.  As in any other form of taxation this area needs careful planning to ensure you meet all necessary legal obligations whilst pursuing a least tax policy.

We can help you by preparing accurate accounts well in advance to ensure you have an accurate view of your taxation commitments and to ensure we have identified all opportunities for reducing your tax burden.

Sole Trader Advice

Many of our clients operate as small businesses or sole traders.

Sole traders require the same level of tax planning as any other client in order to maximise the opportunities wherever possible. As a sole trader start up you will need to register with the Inland Revenue within 3 months of setting up your business.


Many of our business clients are partners who require specific care and attention covering partnership tax returns or refunds for individual partners, advice on assessments and on the utilisation of losses as well as a host of other issues including the preparation of accounts